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The Motivation Quotient is relatively new, though it is based on more than 20 years of research and development. Below, please find some common questions we have been asked about MQ.

  • What is MQ?
    MQ is the abbreviation of "Motivation Quotient". The MQ test is a scenario-based assessment that measures the driving force of an individual's inner motivations, or passions. MQ is a learning aid developed by the latest motivation science by top scholars in the United States. It can accurately identify and quantify students' learning motivations and help individuals understand how they tend to learn, how to work as a team, and how to solve problems. "Motivation Quotient" (MQ) is the most important "Q" that affects individuals after IQ and EQ! "MQ Passion Camp" is the latest learning motivation camp in the American education field, and it was introduced to Taiwan at the same time.
  • I have never heard of MQ? Has MQ been around for a long time?
    MQ is based on 25 years of motivational science development in the United States, leaning more towards the academic field, so not many people in Taiwan have heard of it.
  • Does MQ measure motivation? Why is it related to passion?
    It means you like it, have the motivation to do it, so "measuring motivation" is finding what you like, what you are enthusiastic about. Example: Why do you want to learn Korean? Because you want to attend a Blackpink concert, want to talk to idols, want to travel to Korea... These "whys" are our "intrinsic motivation" to learn Korean, which gives us "passion" for learning Korean; then, in action, you will actively search for information online, learn Korean, and work to save travel expenses!
  • How can Passion Camp help my prepare for my future?
    The exclusive "MQ Passion Camp" of Equalearning in the United States focuses on three parts known as "Find Your Passion, Build Your Team, and Own Your Future." This helps students better understand themselves (who am I, what are my hobbies, what are my passions), what kind of learning style is suitable for me, my future department, and career suggestion and exploration. Equalearning uses precise positioning of learning motivation (Motivation Quotient), STEAM potential, learning styles, and suitable for various college majors. Passion Camp also teaches teamwork and understanding from group activities; specifically how to identify your own role on a team, and then plan the direction of your future development.
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