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MQ Education

Understanding Yourself and Knowing Your Future

MQ Education

Equalearning has developed an assessment with ten scenarios build upon topics that gauge your interests to identify and unravel the motivations that exist within each of us. This assessment reveals intrinsic motivations based on our passions and interests, that we call your Motivation Quotient, or MQ.

By identifying these learning motivation factors, coupled with research from thirty year of scientific research, thousands of case studies, and utilizing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Equalearning has discovered that every person has 24 identifiable Motivation Genes, or what we refer to as Motivation DNA®.


Your Motivation DNA® consists of an amalgamation of each of the 24 total motivation genes and the intensity of each that exists within you.

Your Motivation DNA® is not about your skills or capabilities.


A person may be very good at math, for example, finding no difficulty in solving complex equations, yet at the same time may have a low intensity of passion or motivation in the Motivation DNA® associated with math, and therefore may pursue studies and career related to this subject and live a life devoid of passion.

Equalearning's MQ exists to help people find their passions and develop the skillsets necessary to live a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Everybody is motivated. No matter who you are or what you do in life, you have your own distinctive instrinsic motivations, or passions. But identifying these motivations is not always a simple task, and often depends on mere chance to identify the things in life we’re most passionate about. Even then, deciding what we’re passionate about and learning how to take action on it is often highly subjective and dependent upon opinionated advice or particular circumstances – or to put it simply – luck.

We find ourselves seeking advice on what subjects to study in school, what colleges and college majors we should choose to focus on, and eventually this all leads to choosing a career path and even a family. But how do we know we’re heading in the right direction?

It turns out that we have different types of passions that power our motivations, and each of those passions influence certain areas of our lives and comes together to help guide, if not entirely determine, our futures.

MQ by Equalearning is the fastest and most accurate way to discover your passions. 

The MQ Education Report has detailed information customized by our A.I. engine for every assessment taker. With this report, you will find data related to your 24 Motivation DNA®, your suitability for S.T.E.A.M. subjects and career paths, a customized Motivation Map, a custom Learning Path, a detailed list of suggestions for your Future Career, and Learning Motivation Role Models to help you understand where you are headed into the future.

The MQ Education Report is provided electronically with the availability to download a PDF version to print. 

All the information found in the MQ Education Report is custom designed by our A.I. engine using a complex algorithm, Big Data, and referenced by proven Motivation Science. 

MQ Education S.T.E.A.M. Edition

​S= Science

T= Technology

E= Engineering

A= Art

M= Mathematics

STEAM education was first proposed from the United States, mainly to enhance the development of science and technology for global competitiveness.

Now, the demand for talents in the STEAM field in this society is high, and the starting salary is high, so the relevant departments of universities are relatively popular.

Using your Motivation DNA to analyze the distribution of STEAM, you can answer these questions:

  • Are you suitable for subjects in the STEAM field?

  • Are you suitable for liberal arts or science?

  • ​Are you interested in STEAM subjects? What are you more interested in? What is the intensity of interest?


Using Learning MQ Steam Edition, we can take a look at the STEAM analysis of your Motivation DNA and how they relate to your interests and motivations within those fields of study and career development.

"I really like the different scenarios. Some of these questions speak to personal traits of leadership, collaboration, creativity, independence, initiative, structure, present or future orientations of work, recognition and value of one's work, and training."


Ph.D Candidate


"The report was great, interesting and thought-provoking questions."


M.A. Candidate


I was skeptical about the quality of the test at first, but it has really proven itself to be a worthwhile experience. The test gave me a much better understanding of myself as a person, and I learned things about myself that I wasn't even aware of before!



High School

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