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MQ Passion Camp uses the latest research and data from motivation science to encourage the discovery of passion and empower teamwork across all fields and disciplines. 

Finding ME

Find Your Passions
A.I. Locating Motivational DNA

Equalearning's MQ Motivation Assessment and report helps students understand their inner motivations and driving forces, helping students find themselves and better plan for their future. "Finding me" is about better understanding why you are motivated to do what you do, so you can plan your future in education more effectively by utilizing your inner motivation to define, pursue, and achieve success in life.

Building WE

Build Your Team
Group Project

Our group activities help students understand themselves and their team members’ Motivation Quotient report, learn how to work with others in a real-life situation in the future, and how to develop these soft skills to succeed in high school, university, and the workplace.

Own MY Future

Own MY Future

How to Study Successfully at University

Students use their MQ Motivation Assessment Report to plan life goals, including university applications and future career choices, based on their personal passion quotient. Students will learn to write S.M.A.R.T. goals and specific action plans in order to apply what they have learned.

Finding ME

  • Ice Breaker: Preview of Camp

  • MQ Assessment (Print Reports)

  • Reviewing MQ Reports I

  • Discover Your Passion 

  • Problem Solving I


  • Finding ME

  • Reviewing MQ Reports II: Knowing DNAs

  • Life Application

  • Smart Goals I

  • Activity 2:MQ-based management (during the camp)

Passion Camp Schedule
Who it's For

Middle School: Choose a high school (vocational) that suits your internal motivation and ideals.​

High School Freshmen and Sophomores: Choose between humanities and science streams, and prepare learning and planning materials.​

High School Juniors and Seniors: Choose a college major that aligns with your internal motivation, apply for college information and interviews, and succeed in learning at the university level.​

Professional Adults: Passion Camp has proved to be an integral part of MQ Enterprise as well, helping teams to better understand how to work together toward their common goals.

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