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MQ Enterprise

Talent Management Made Easy

MQ Enterprise

The only scientific analysis of personal enthusiasm and motivation with AI and Big Data applications, couple with a complete coaching system using a cloud platform to measure, analyze, track, promote, and engage workplace motivations.

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."

~Peter Drucker

MQ Enterprise utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to Empower you to:

Quickly assess your team's performance.

Accurately profile your workforce.

Identify and track motivations of your entire workforce at a glance.

MQ Enterprise provides a simple yet very effective solutions:

Equalearning's MQ Enterprise uses a scenario-based assessment utilizing real-world situations to gauge your employees' intrinisic motivations, or passions, to gauge their level of motivations towards different aspects of learning in their careers. This passion level, rating 24 different aspects of human motivations, is called the Motivation Quotient.

Upon completion of the online assessment, Equalearning's Artificial Intelligence engine instantaneously generates a custom-tailored report for the individual, as well as sending the information to Equalearning's Big Data database to analyze the results and compare them to the Big Data benchmark. 

Following the completion of the company-wide MQ Enterprise assessments, an expert from Equalearning will meet with company leadership to conduct a motivation analysis. The motivation analysis will scientifically pinpoint and analyze the positives and negatives of your company's team, and identify the areas where your company is bleeding costs to eliminate waste and increase your company's profits.


With this identified, Equalearning's consultant will create a timeline guiding you toward the solutions to increase productivity and team efficiency to maxmize the potential of your workforce.

With your team's motivation analysis diagnostic and consultation completed, Equalearning will design a customized suite of services. These will be goal-oriented, meaningful, and impactful exercises guiding your employees to understand themselves better, and understand what drives their coworkers with the why and how of their intrinsic motivations, or passions.

MQ Enterprise coaching and training will be geared specifically toward finding what motivates your people to work more efficiently, eliminating waste, and increasing your profit margins.

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